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Free Antivirus Software for Home Use

Free Antivirus Software for Home Use

In 2023, antivirus software for your business is a necessity. We all know that sophisticated cybercriminals are out there trying to commit very costly crimes against organizations just like yours. Malware and antivirus protection, and experienced security partnerships are your best line of defense. 


So how much should you be investing in this defense and can a free solution really be enough to protect your valuable assets and data?

Sophos Home is one of many providers with free antivirus tools available for download. 

So what exactly is included for free?

What does Sophos’ free anti-virus software get you?

The Sophos offering has antivirus, malware protection, and web filtering technology suitable for home use. With endpoint protection on both PCs and Macs, the free Home version is effective at thwarting malicious apps and blocking out unwanted web content and phishing attacks. 

The cloud-based nature of the product makes Sophos an effective security tool for remote workers who often have to work without the umbrella of a trusted office network to rely on. 

Like many free solutions on the market, Sophos software is great for your personal computer and use at home. For your organization’s hardware, on the other hand, these free options are simply not enough protection. 

What’s Missing in the Free Sophos Solution?

While free solutions are acceptable when it comes to common malware and internet threats, they are generally not robust enough to handle more elaborate attacks like firewall breaches and identity theft that can cause devastating effects inside an organization. 

The professional version of Sophos offers a centralized management platform that makes it easy to manage multiple security devices and endpoints, as well as Endpoint Detection and Response that allows an organization to detect and respond to security incidents quickly, and a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and manage your security settings. 

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