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Exceptional customer service experience

Help Desk

We have learned through experience that a help desk requires a mature functional design to operate at it's best. Some of the qualities that we feel are paramount for consumers to have a good experience include:

  • crisp, clear and timely communication throughout the support process;
  • fanatical approach to service which translates to "we truly do want to help you and will do anything within reason to make that happen";
  • historical record of similar problems;
  • well documented IT environment;
  • knowledgebase containing "how to's" that you and our team can use;
  • a relationship with support agents;
  • and the list goes on!

We are not perfect, but we strive for perfection. Our team wants you to be happy with the result, it's what drives them to be the best they can be. Best of all, unlimited use of the help desk is included in the flat monthly fee!

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Service Levels

It's a common question, do you have service levels? The answer, of course, is yes we do. We wouldn't have an incredibly high client retention rate if we didn't. We're happy to share them with you in a discovery call, so reach out to us!



You know as well as we do that support is often "how do I do this?". We've got you covered. In fact, it's included in our mission statement to educate. We've dedicated time to develop content, invested in technology and the help desk, to deliver the education your team desires for common productivity applications.



Our portal, accessible to you and your entire team, is super-easy to use yet incredibly feature rich. Submit your tickets in one place, search for self help articles, take a cyber-security course or review your company's IT and planned budget. All from one portal. Ask us for a demo during your discovery meeting.